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machosaucelove's Journal

Macho Sauce Love!
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Macho Sauce videos, news, and discussion
Welcome to the Macho Sauce appreciation community! Feel free to join and leave comments!

Only 1 rule: please be respectful towards others and to keep posts on topic. Thank you!

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Macho Sauce Productions promotes these basic positions:

You believe we are one mighty nation under All Mighty God.
(Anyone in the world can be part of the All Mighty's Nation)
We're a constitutional republic, not a democracy.
You believe your first fruits belong to God, not Government.
You believe capitalism is the best enabler of hiring power, and charitable contributions.
You believe capitalism promotes strong individualism, to make us elements of a stronger whole.
You believe public school is great, but school choice is greater.
You believe competitive based health care is better than government rationed health care.
You believe people would do better to pay into their own retirement, instead of being forced to pay into someone else's.
You believe the Declaration of Independence says you must have Life before liberty, and happy pursuits.
You believe we don't need permission to defend ourselves, and that we're not interested in taking over other countries, only protecting ourselves and our allies from those who threaten us with the capability of acting on it, or who actually attack us.
You believe the 2nd Amendment is essential for protecting ourselves when government can't, and from the government themselves should they grossly misinterpret the Constitution, or ignore it.
If you support the above stated, get a shirt, and spread the Macho Sauce!!!

about the founder

Macho Sauce Productions was founded by AlfonZo Rachel. Rachel, born 7.8.1972 on Grissom AFB Indiana, has been in SoCal since diaperhood. Another kid whose mother raised him alone, lived in hard spots such as Delman Heights in San Bernardino, Rachel’s mom wanted to get him out of the hood, and the hood out of him. So, they moved into a low income housing area just outside of Palm Springs.

Rachel also has three older sisters who, during those times, more often stayed with other family members. The move was a culture shock for Rachel, as he was now going to school with privileged rich white kids. Rachel kept a chip on his shoulder, and didn’t try to fit in. Instead, he immersed himself in music, and psychotropic drugs. This formula cost Rachel his graduation. It was a sobering failure, and Rachel stopped using drugs. Rachel’s pursuit of music led him to Venice Beach. There he wandered through Ghost town trying to keep the music together, and floated through Hollywood, still falling short of his musical aspirations.

Rachel came back to the Palm Springs area to continue his martial arts training and education. He made a new flame out of an old one, married her, and opened his own martial arts school. The school left them broke after two years and he closed it down. Realizing that he used his gifts for his own satisfaction, Rachel now uses his talents to satisfy the Giver. Rachel’s work since coming to Christ has gained positive feedback from Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, and Friends of Abe.